Everything You Need to Know about the New York Opera Fest 2017

by David Salazar

In less than one month, opera audiences in New York will be greeted with the New York Opera Fest, a massive celebration of the art form across the city.

The festival kicks off on May 1 and runs all the way through the end of June thanks to the New York Opera Alliances (NYOA), a consortium of New York opera companies and producers. The showcase will feature 28 events with productions taking place in theaters, gardens, garages, bars and even playgrounds among others.

The festival is a reminder that opera doesn’t need a 3,000-seat theater to be grand, and some of the more innovative, impassioned, exciting and vital – as well as affordable – productions are coming out of these smaller, more nimble companies,” raved WQXR about the event.

The first company to showcase its talents is the New Camerata Opera. Following their lead are Experiments in Opera, Bronx Opera Company, Regina Opera Company, Opera on Tap, On Site Opera, Hunter Opera Theater, Regina Opera Company, Encompass New Opera Theatre, New Opera NYC, Rhymes with Opera, Ardea Arts, Heartbeat Opera, Sign & Sing, Opera Upper West, Opera Lafayette, Vertical Player Repertory, American Opera Projects, Martina Arroyo Foundation, OperaRox Productions, Indie Opera Podcasts, and Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE!


JUNE 2, 3, 9 & 10: Opera Upper West presents Tom Cipullo’s Glory Denied
Baylander IX-514, West Harlem Piers, New York, NY 10027
Board a Vietnam war aircraft carrier and be immersed in the story of Colonel Floyd James Thompson, America’s longest serving Prisoner of War. Experience the culture shock of the 60’s and 70’s, and observe how media and memory forge American identity.